New Pre-Programmed COVID-19 LED Message Displays

23rd June 2020

There is no denying that once retail stores start to open up again, there will be an influx of customers desperate to start shopping. While this is great for businesses starting back up again, shop owners or managers need to ensure that not only social distancing measures are adhered to, but also that a one-in, one-out system is in place.

Supermarkets have adopted a system where a staff member is permanently on the door, allowing a customer in every time someone else exits the shop. While this does do the job of ensuring a limited number of customers in the store, it means there will always have to be a staff member watching the door – while they could be helping around the shop and doing their regular job.

The same is also being applied to visitors in offices and warehouses – meaning that members of staff are having to come away from their everyday work to monitor the number of visitors onsite. With offices slowly getting back to business as usual, it’s important that the number of visitors is controlled and that health and safety measures are adhered to.


How LED Message Displays can help


Messagemaker Displays now offer a pre-programmed LED message display with ‘Please wait’ and ‘Next customer/visitor please’ messages. These can be controlled via a remote switch, app, or linked to a counter system where applicable. The sign allows quick and easy queue management, giving a staff member or manager remote control over who can enter the shop if needs be.

While we don’t know how long these systems will have to be in place, we do know that there will come a time where it’s no longer necessary to apply them. That’s why we’ve made sure that once you don’t need the specific queue management messages, you can customise the signs to show any message you desire. You can even still use the remote, app or counter to switch between different special offers, opening times or any other announcements.

Built for nearly all weather conditions, the sign is hard-wearing and durable for both indoor and outdoor use. This makes it great for drawing in new customers, or communicating a clear, eye-catching message to existing ones.

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COVID-19 LED Message Display