Safety First in Nottingham

3rd January 2013

Following the success of existing signs in improving speed awareness, Messagemaker was contracted by Nottinghamshire County Council to supply 50 new signs for installation throughout the County.

Offering a cost-effective alternative to cameras and more visual than static signs, LED displays are finding increasing favour with the UK’s local authorities. 

Messagemaker’s LED speed signs are activated by internally-mounted radar to provide dynamic feedback to drivers and are designed to effect a long term change in speed behaviours, in contrast with the more draconian approach of imposing penalties. 

Nottingham’s requirement was for a custom-designed layout delivering not just reminders to ‘’Slow Down’’ but also positive reinforcement by thanking drivers for their courtesy in keeping within the speed limits. The signs have been set not to activate at speeds over 50, to avoid competitions among younger drivers who may be tempted to use the signs as a race counter.

The slimline technology of Messagemaker’s LED solution meant the council was able to mount the signs on the County’s existing street light columns, making use of available power supplies at no extra cost. The system additionally provides the flexibility to amend trigger speeds if required.

Messagemaker Managing Director Harry Filer is keen to emphasise the value for money and flexibility modern LED speed signs offer and the potential for developing solutions to meet specific local issues: “We are now able to deliver high spec UK manufactured products, with all the quality that implies, at extremely competitive prices.  With our engineering experience and resources, we have the capability to respond very quickly to provide digital solutions to suit any location.”

Manufactured in the UK and built for reliability, the units are housed in a durable all-weather powder-coated lockable outer case which offers improved vandal-resistance.  All Messagemaker systems are supplied with a two year warranty, backed by full technical advice and support.

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