VMS Signage helping the fight against COVID-19

3rd June 2020

As the UK slowly edges back towards normality, more and more people are starting to return to work. It can be easy to forget about or get distracted from the measures in place to keep you safe. Over two months since the UK went into lockdown, we’re starting to see more and more cars out on the road and people jogging or cycling to stay fit. That’s where Messagemaker Displays’ VMS signage comes in. Our signage is able to convey any message you see fit, in full colour and brightness, while maintaining staggeringly low power consumption and portability so that you can ensure your message is being seen by road users.

Even though it’s starting to seem more and more like the new norm to stay away from others and to wash your hands every hour, it can be easy to slip back into old habits. In these unprecedented times, the more eye-catching and impactful the message, the better – to remind us all that COVID-19 still poses a huge risk. This will help greatly with enforcing both social distancing and hygiene measures for when road users reach their destination.

Our VMS range can also be used  for traffic guidelines, events messaging, parking, and many other functions, so that once the COVID-19 panic has slowed down, you can continue using your signs for future projects in the years to come.


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VMS Signage COVID-19 Tower
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