Messagemaker scores at National Football Museum

16th January 2013

Football is a key part of England’s heritage and way of life. The Museum aims to be the first point of contact with football for non-fans and an introduction to wider aspects of culture and history for football fans.  NFM has a particular focus on those sections of the community that do not usually visit museums and galleries.

Developed for D J Willrich Ltd (DJW), whose projects include the commemorative Titanic display opened in Belfast in 2011, the bespoke design comprises a lightweight u-shaped mesh structure custom-curved and suspended from thin wire to provide a semi-transparent display that appears to float in mid-air.

The streamlined appearance of the display is the result of extensive research and innovative design. The curve is formed from a series of short, straight lengths, which have been precision-engineered to achieve a seamless fit. Close liaison between Messagemaker and their AV partners enabled the realisation of the original designs to be delivered at an affordable cost.

Data content is easy to create and update using a PC driven interface, with DVI capture capabilities.

Comments Messagemaker Managing Director Harry Filer:  “Combining our expertise with AV and multimedia specialists working in the leisure and heritage sector has provided new and exciting opportunities for us. Through our work with DJW and other partners, we have been able to push the boundaries of what is possible and help drive the future of LED display technology.”

Other projects for which Messagemaker has created complex, large displays include the Press Centre at the 2011 Volvo Round the World Yacht Race and the European Parliamentarium, a dedicated visitor centre in Brussels.

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Messagemaker LED display at National Football Museum