What are the benefits of LED traffic signs?

12th August 2022

An Introduction to LED Traffic Signs

LED traffic signs are illuminated roadside signs which serve the purpose of providing information, or warning of upcoming hazards, to approaching vehicles. There are two main types of LED traffic signs; variable message signs (VMS), and fixed message LED signs. These signs can be permanent and fixed in place, or they can be temporary on a mobile base for easy maneuvering to different locations.

VMS are comprised of a full screen of LED’s, meaning messages and symbols can be changed and scheduled. Fixed message LED signs will have a specific arrangement of LEDs to show a specific symbol, message, or both. For example, the Vehicle Activated Warning Sign (VAWS) will illuminate a “SLOW DOWN” message as a vehicle approaches traveling above the road speed limit.

The following post will outline the benefits of LED traffic signs and why they are a key element in the UK highways network.

Vehicle Activated Warning Sign Messagemaker Displays

Up-to-date information

With advanced control boards and modern sign technology, temporary and permanent VMS and fixed message signs can be integrated with highly advanced software’s, which allow users to communicate with signs to display real-time information. This is highly beneficial for traffic management. Using integrated software systems, LED signs can take information from various data sources such as crowd sourcing and in-situ traffic monitoring, which can then be displayed onto the sign.

VMS Trailer Messagemaker Displays

For example, if a traffic collision has occurred on a highway which caused disruption, this can instantly be communicated to a VMS screen, so a warning hazard symbol can be displayed to road users. Other warnings can include fog ahead, variable speed limits, congestion, and estimated journey times.

Additionally, fixed message VMS can be triggered by each approaching vehicle, instantly flashing and catching the attention of the approaching motorist. For example, the Speed Indicator Device displays the exact speed of a vehicle going above the speed limit in real time.


LED signs don’t blend into the environment. The bright (and sometimes flashing) lights on an LED sign stand out from their surroundings, allowing the message to be clearer and therefore more likely to have an impact on the road user.

Fixed VMS Messagemaker Displays

A Vehicle Activated Speed sign (VAS) is a sign that illuminates when the approaching vehicle is traveling above the speed limit. This gives the motorist ownership of the fact that they are speeding.

Safety standards also contribute to the increase in visibility of LED signs. All traffic signs from Messagemaker Displays come equipped with intelligent light sensors to adjust the brightness of the LEDs according to the environment, and angled beam width LEDs to ensure the light is facing directly onto the highway only. This maximizes the visibility of the sign at all times, as well as minimizing the light pollution caused and thus distraction to other road users.


With a VMS, the displayed message can change with just the touch of a button. This gives one sign multiple applications as different information can be displayed, depending on the given circumstance. For example, the medium VMS can display information regarding journey times, directions, hazard warnings, and much more. As mentioned previously, these message updates can also be amended in real-time. The versatility of an LED traffic sign provides a large advantage over standard static signs.

VMS Tower Unit Messagemaker Displays

There are many benefits of LED traffic signs, which can be categorized into three main areas; up-to-date information, eye-catching, and versatility. Each factor increases the advantage of the signs and gives an edge over static signage.

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