VMS Traffic Signs – The Next Generation

29th April 2016

Until recently, Mobile VMS have been limited to text only, single colour messages. However, new pioneering MVMS signs come with a full colour screen and so can display graphics and symbols as well as text messages, meaning there are no limits to what you can communicate! The LED screen also comes with the highest full ENG12966 certification.

These are our most efficient mobile sign designs yet, with 30% lower power consumption than previous generation models and a significantly longer battery life, meaning they don’t just look good, they’re more efficient, operate longer on site and kinder to the environment too.

The signs come with flexible programming software which can be programmed remotely or locally, meaning wherever you are, you will have full control of these highly impactful and versatile signs at your fingertips! All signs also come with an easily deployed trailer and can even be enabled for GPS tracking.