Vehicle Activated Speed Reduction Signs Make Roads Safer

1st June 2016

However, implementation of 20 mph zones tends to be far from straightforward as, although drivers may support a 20 mph limit, in practice they often find it difficult to keep to it.

Using speed cameras and speed humps to reduce speed are unpopular with drivers, and static signs tend to be largely ineffective on their own. However, vehicle activated LED signs, which are visually effective but not physically intrusive, have been shown to cut speed.

LED vehicle activated signs are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to enforcement, which are generally welcomed by motorists. They can be particularly effective when deployed on entry to 20 mph zones, alerting drivers used to travelling at 30mph to the changeover in speed limits.

At Messagemaker, we have developed a new digital sign that can be programmed remotely, set by timers and can be used on roads where there are significant variations in traffic levels and road usage throughout the day.

These signs have already been installed outside a number of schools. During school drop-off and pick-up times they display a 20 mph temporary limit, meaning safer roads for school children and their parents. Outside of these times, the signs display normal speed limits for motorists.