Tunnels and LED Signage

27th June 2023

Road tunnels are an integral part of transportation infrastructure across the world. They connect cities and provide an efficient way to travel through difficult terrains, such as mountains or bodies of water. They play a vital role in the movement of commercial goods and personal vehicles. Overall, tunnels contribute a lot to the overall economy and quality of life for UK residents.


LED signage is essential in providing real-time information to road users, such as lane closures or speed limit changes, which improves overall traffic flow and reduces congestion. Additionally, LED signs are visible in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by poor visibility.

Lane Control Signs

For tunnels with multiple lanes, a series of Lane Control Signs are a must-have. These signs switch between a red cross, to indicate a closed lane, and a green arrow to indicate the open lane(s). These highly visible signs are an essential and simple way of managing traffic.

With SMD LED technology, Lane Control Signs from Messagemaker Displays eliminate glare and light pollution. As a result of the energy-efficient technology, the sign produces minimal heat, thus eliminating the need for any cooling or defogging equipment.

By investing in LED lane control signage, road authorities can prioritize the safety of drivers and passengers while also improving the efficiency of road transportation.

Lane Control Messagemaker Displays

Other signs for use in and around tunnels

Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

Full Colour Fixed Variable Message Signs (VMS) can display real-time traffic information to motorists on roads and highways. These signs would be permanently fixed near a tunnel and are best used in advising motorists of occurrences such as road closures, queues ahead and upcoming events. In turn, aiding in shortening journey times and improving the overall travelling experience.

Mobile VMS Trailers

Mobile VMS Trailers

Designed for temporary usage along the roadside, the Mobile Variable Message Sign (Mobile VMS or Trailer VMS) are a flexible and effective way to communicate messages, alerts and warnings to motorists.

These are ideal for informing road users of temporary roadworks, changes in traffic flow or upcoming events in the area.