Parish Council Testimonials

4th May 2023

Speeding has been a major concern to parishioners for many years and is regularly an issue raised at Parish Council meetings and in public consultations.

Did you know that 99% of all speeding cars in villages are driven by residents and local people?

Commuters rushing to catch trains, parents dropping off children, residents driving familiar roads to work, or day to runnings.

Vehicle Activated Speed Signs (VAS) are highly advanced, eye-catching signs used on both public and private highways across the whole of the UK. These devices have been proven to have a drastic impact on the road in regard to traffic calming and speed reductions.

Smiley Activated Message sign by Messagemaker Displays

The SAM (Smiley Activated Message) Signs are proving popular all over the UK. This sign is a ‘softer’ message which provides visual feedback through the use of a ‘red sad face’ for speeding vehicles, and a ‘green smiley face’ for those not speeding.

Some devices can come equipped with data capture functionality, allowing the user to download and analyse data as recorded from vehicles triggering the device. The user will be able to establish trends regarding passing vehicles, for example, peak times at which vehicles may be speeding. This can then be used to put in place further traffic calming measures, such as variable speed limits during peak speeding hours.

Over two and a half week period, following the implementation of a Messagemaker Displays VAS on a road in a local village, recordings were taken on the 1st of September, 7th of September, and 17th of September. Most notably, the average speeds and the highest speeds were analysed. The average speed reduced from 39mph to 38.8mph, to 28.8mph respectively. The Highest recorded speed also fell from 61.8mph to 60.4mph, to 46.6mph respectively.

So, has the reduction in speed limit through these villages made a difference? We know the answer to this because multiple Parish Councils have purchased our SIDs, SAMs, or SLR speed signs.

Believe it when you read it and we will let you be the judge of that, the proof is in the pudding!

When speaking to our customers we asked:

Whilst speeding motorists might not be happy, what is your community’s perception of 
the sign and do they think it has improved safety?

“The sign has been received well in the community and we can see from the data that people generally slow down by at least a couple of miles per hour on seeing the smiley face.

From a personal point of view when I have occasionally driven past, the calibration of the speed seems reasonable which I think is good. Because when I see other signs where the speed is badly calibrated, it feels like you don’t take it seriously because it’s so wrong.

On the whole, when I see other people drive through the village you can certainly tell that it makes a few of them think and slow down, so that’s good.”

“All drivers on our site have said about how the sign makes them realise they are going above the site speed limit and have all noticed how well the sign works”All drivers on our site have said about how the sign makes them realise they are going above the site speed limit and have all noticed how well the sign works”