Imposa Lite is star performer at JD Sports

10th September 2012

A full colour display and looping video content is designed to capture the attention of passers-by on both sides of the street, helping to promote the JD Sports brand 24/7 while drawing attention to current promotions and offers.

Messagemaker stepped in to assist JD Sports who were looking to maximise brand awareness and boost the store’s presence at this prime shopping location during one of their busiest trading periods. The installation, including the initial site survey and system training, was completed in just six weeks.

Messagemaker’s Imposa Lite System uses the latest generation surface mount CREE chips to deliver outstanding brightness across a range of exterior lighting conditions.  Offering 160 degree visibility, the system is comparable to printed media for viewing and outperforms conventional LCD and Plasma technologies.

The extra large screen provides 240 x 360 pixel resolution and is fitted with additional outdoor window brighteners generating 5000 NIT screen candela per square metre.

Installed in front of the store’s security shutters, the display operates around the clock, continuing to promote the company’s products both in and out of shopping hours.

Flexibility is a key feature of the Imposa Lite display system. Video clips and promotional messages can be updated quickly by staff in individual retail stores or uploaded remotely, with the potential to update multiple sites with a few keystrokes via a remote PC.

You can see a video of the LED display in action here.