Single Line LED Screens for Manufacturers and Integrators

31st January 2016

Single line LEDs offer a cost-effective, high-impact solution, which can be easily integrated into and configured for many products and systems. They are ideal for messaging and signs showing text or simple images, and offer up to twenty times the brightness of other screen technologies. They also have an estimated life of over ten years in continual use.

Full developer integration software is supplied with our systems, which allows for precise configuration to suit individual requirements, which are managed via a PC or PLC.

Our LED displays have been developed for all types of systems, and will withstand the harshest of operating environments, including swimming pools, chemical processing and marine applications, so whatever your requirements, we have a solution for you.

As specialist screen suppliers, we are able to supply displays to meet a wide range of specifications from small signs to large formats visible over long distances, even one-off bespoke requirements.