New Road Sign Technology for Safer Roads

1st April 2016

These new electonic speed signs have already been installed on numerous roads outside schools.

A link has been demonstrated between the introduction of 20mph zones on roads and a reduction in road accidents, so our new digital LED signs are designed to make roads safer for schoolchildren at the beginning and end of each school day. Lower speed levels can also encourage more physical activity, such as walking and cycling, as they contribute to a safer environment outside the school.

Outside school hours, normal speed limits can be displayed, and the signs can also be programmed to alert motorists to change of speeds and to encourage them to slow down. These types of signs are popular with drivers as they provide an alternative to speed cameras which are considered to be ‘anti-motorist’.

The speed signs are fully programmable to initiate a temporary 20MPH speed limit during school times using 3G Data Modems to remotely set sign parameters and for retrieval of collected speed data.