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Solar Powered Road Signs from MessagemakerWhere you just can’t get power out to a sign's location, or energy saving is crucial, solar powered traffic signs allow offer an alternate method of power. All of our vehicle activated signs, speed limit signs and mobile variable message signs can operate using solar power.

If you’re thinking about a solar traffic sign or solar powered speed sign, the main considerations are:

  • The size of the VAS in terms of LEDs (more LEDs require more power)
  • On time per activation, longer display periods again consuming more power
  • Number of activations per 24 hours - more activations require more power
  • Geographic location (Scotland or Dorset or Overseas) and hence sun hours
  • Physical location (open area, under trees, shady, near buildings etc)
  • Summertime use - generates more power but has longer time at full brightness
  • Wintertime use - generates less power but VAS will require a lower brightness
  • Solar power and batteries cost extra, take longer to install and may be stolen, particularly in remote areas (which is where they are best suited)

Our solar road signs and solar powered speed signs are battery powered, with a solar panel being used to re-charge the internal batteries. Messagemaker can provide a range of different batteries with varying capacities and a range of solar panels with varying power outputs, to meet your needs.

Solar panels have reduced in price and LED screens have increased in efficiency. This means smaller panels can be used to achieve the same output

For areas that may not produce sufficient solar power, we can also add a wind generator to any of our LED road signs or speed warning signs.

To find out more about your solar powered traffic and road sign options, please call us on 0800 170 7780, send us an enquiry or request a callback.