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Compact Colour Mobile VMSOur portable, changeable message signs are the perfect way to give advance notice of delays and help keep motorists on the move.

Take a look at our Mobile Variable Message Signs page to view more information on our Compact Colour Trailer VMS.

Full specification includes:

Colours: 5 colour screen for text and symbols. Red, White, Blue, Amber, Green
Text display area: Up to 4 rows of text
Display area: 900mm x 1536mm, 28x48 pixels
LED composition: 14 LEDs per pixel
Brightness: 7500 Candela / sq M maximum with automatic brightness control
Approvals: Meets EN 12966
Lifting: On board hydraulic ram
Communications: Remote and onboard control via embedded PC
Remote control: Via GPRS/3G
Batteries: 12v 250A
Solar panels: 375W
Operating Solar duration: 5-30 days (subject to location and message content)

For a more permanent roadside messaging solution, please take a look at our traffic information signs. To find out more about our portable road signs and portable VMS, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0800 170 7780, send us an enquiry or request a callback.