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Mobile VMS Trailer - Full Colour Mobile VMSMobile variable message signs (Mobile VMS) are a versatile and flexible way to communicate messages, alerts and warnings by the roadside. Messagemaker offer a great range.

Our new Compact Trailer mobile VMS is around half the size of standard trailer signs, with a small footprint ideal for urban city locations where you need to communicate without being obtrusive.

Urban VMS have previously been limited to displaying fixed height, text only, single colour amber messages. However, Messagemaker’s new full colour matrix provides total flexibility to display text messages, symbols and graphics to deliver versatile driver and traffic Information.

This multipurpose, full colour, LED screen offers much greater flexibility than the traditional dedicated, text only VMS. Available in three different pixel pitches for high resolution text & graphics, this new VMS offers total versatility for conveying driver information and is EN12966 certificated and UTMC compliant.

Accessible via 3G and with integrated security systems, it has a VOSA-certificated trailer for UK highways, is EN19266 certificated and has solar or 230V power options.

VMS traffic signs from Messagemaker incorporate the latest LED and communications technology that allows you to configure your message.

You can find out more about our mobile road signs and other portable VMS here on our website. Alternatively to discuss how we can help you with your mobile VMS requirements please contact us on 0800 170 7780, request a callback or complete our enquiry form.