Led Displays and Signs
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Up to twenty times brighter than other display technologies, Messagemaker’s comprehensive range of LED displays and signs will help you make an impact and get your message across, whether you need to advertise, communicate, convey important information or health & safety advice, provide real-time feedback on industry developments or productivity, publicise events or promote your brand and products.

We offer a huge array of LED display and LED sign solutions to suit every budget, from a simple retail or communications LED ticker right up to a full integrated Road or Rail transit system and huge Concert or advertising full colour screens.

In addition, we offer a bespoke design service handling all sizes of projects from smaller scale LED panel layouts to more complex displays with multiple types of input or challenging space and shape specifications.

Long lasting and reliable, our energy efficient LED displays and signs offer a low power,  cost effective alternative that will help you meet your display objectives effectively and imaginatively. Constructed from individual LED modules, our systems also offer maximum flexibility in construction and design

Visit our Online Shop to view our most popular economy text display solutions - starting from as little as £159.  Alternatively, please view our Gallery to see examples of our work