Custom LED Displays designed to your requirements
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As specialists in custom LED displays with an extensive client base, we offer the experience and resources to meet any challenge, generating unique designs while also delivering value for money against small or large volume production requirements.

This flexibility is backed by the assurance of continuity of supply. Meanwhile, quality manufacturing means you can be confident that our products will be reliable in use.

We are able to supply OEM LED display and custom LED display solutions in a wide selection of colour, configurations, sizes and shapes.  Our displays can be made available as cased systems or as chassis or modules for integration within your own system designs.

Messagemaker custom LED displays come complete with easy to use software or a simple direct LED interface.  We can also provide easy linking to a range of external devices including computers, PLCs, BCD, a range of instrumentation outputs, alarm systems or simple open/close contacts.

To talk to one of our engineers about your custom LED displays requirement, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

You can also take a look at our Online Shop where you can find a wide range of LED signs and custom displays available to purchase.