7 segment display | Seven segment display | LED message display
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Seven Segment Display

A 7-segment display is a form of electronic display device for displaying numbers. Effectively each is made up of lines, two down each side and one at the top, middle and bottom of the character.

Seven segment displays or signs are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters and other electronic devices for displaying numerical information. They are a simple alternative to the more complex dot matrix systems and more versatile LED signs.

7-segment displays can use a liquid crystal display (LCD), a light-emitting diode (LED) for each segment, or other light-generating or controlling techniques such as cold cathode gas discharge, vacuum fluorescent, incandescent filaments, and others.

To communicate your message more effectively, an LED sign or display is a far more effective means of presenting data and other information. In particular they can also display letters and can be programmed to scroll or similar for greater visual impact. LED also delivers better brightness and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

As an alternative to a 7-segment display, why not consider a LED numeric display? Please contact us to discuss your requirements, complete our enquiry form, arrange a callback or visit our gallery to view examples of our work.