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Moving Twitter / Tweet Display Signs

TwittLED moving twitter display

Twitter messages, Tweets, can now be displayed large!

The interactivity of our digital LED signs includes a range of dedicated Twitter signs and displays. TwittLED can stream live Twitter feeds using a large format LED Twitter ticker. These display Tweets in real time, in big, bold scrolling text, creating dynamic, attention-grabbing movement in retail, office, leisure or entertainment environments, as some examples.

Twitter is an extremely popular source of information and interaction for both consumers and businesses, allowing users to connect with companies, brands and events in real time. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, TwittLED Twitter signs and displays are available in a range of sizes and colours or can be custom-made to suit individual requirements.

Instantly connect with staff, visitors or customers by broadcasting your company’s Twitter stream to bring them breaking news and offers, or use as an in-house or event communications channel to disseminate important information widely and with speed.TwittLED twitter display

TwittLED Twitter ticker displays offer a dynamic messaging medium that works well in retail, financial, office, event, manufacturing and information environments to capture attention and provide information updates, creating a valuable resource across a range of applications.

Managing our TwittLED twitter feed display couldn’t be easier. Content can be controlled from a mobile phone (access can be restricted). Tweet, retweet or moderate messages from anywhere at any time.

A great range of standard displays are available with specials built to any text height or length, including optional angled, curved or circular displays.

Our TwittLED signs are now available to purchase online! Visit our LED Signs Online shop to find out more.

For more information on Messagemaker TwittLED Twitter signs, displays and tickers, please download our TwittLED leaflet, complete our enquiry form or contact us. For examples of our work please visit our gallery