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We also provide subtitle and surtitle displays to facilitate performances and presentations in foreign languages or for the hard of hearing.  Our LED stage screen and display messaging solutions are available with a range of common software interfaces including linking to cinema management packages. Where required, we can also develop custom systems and interfaces.

LED surtitles from MessagemakerSurtitles, which have been transcribed from the dialogue or song lyrics performed on the stage, are displayed on an LED sign above or below the performing area. The software used allows the wording to be scrolled across the LED sign and can be translated beforehand.  Surtitling enhances the experience for those that are hard of hearing and will help you to comply with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). 

A surtitle or subtitle LED sign can also be used for providing cues to the actors and other members of the stage team, for references to the script or music or just for reminders and other notes. 

We offer a range of products and systems specifically designed to meet the needs of surtitle / subtitle signs in theatres, opera houses etc.  The brightness of the display can be adjusted according to lighting requirements. 

For more information on LED signs and surtitle/subtitle solutions developed for theatres and opera houses etc, please contact us via our enquiry form or by requesting a callback.