Programmable LED signs and displays
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Messagemaker’s programmable LED signs and displays are easy to set up and update using the software provided.   Create new messages or update data instantly, or programme a series of messages to appear in sequence.

Our programmable LED displays offer the flexibility to create interesting effects and add emphasis wherever you need it through the use of different colours, font sizes and number of lines, as well as graphics where this is supported by your chosen display option.

There are a number of communications options, to include a plug-in keyboard, programming via your PC and infrared or wireless control.  For more advanced programmable LED applications we offer a developer’s kit, complete with all necessary software and a selection of common interfaces – or alternatively, write your own interface to link with your own systems. 

Whatever your chosen option, our experts are available to provide backup support and advice when you need it.  For more information on the programmable LED display options we offer, please Contact Us