Bus displays including station signage and bus LED signs
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    LED Bus Signage Passenger InformationMessagemaker manufactures a comprehensive range of bus displays including bus LED. We have a high profile and long track record in these markets and our LED signs offer a long-lasting, low-energy, virtually maintenance-free solution. 

    Real time passenger information bus displays are available, custom-built to a client’s specification. Our big screen displays are ideal for use at bus stations and bus stops while our bus LED displays are more suited for the vehicles themselves. These can be customised to show scrolling route information and estimated times of arrival at each stop, or provide simple static messages; to indicate ‘Not in Service’, for example.

    Special purpose applications are also available and can be made to order.  Custom protocol interfaces can be provided to suit clients’ standards.

    For more information on Messagemaker bus displays including bus LED, please contact us.