LED Numeric Displays for numeric, time, temperature etc.
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Messagemaker LED numeric displays offer a cost-effective alternative to a full matrix display where only numbers need to be shown. Typical applications range from LED clocks / time displays and LED temperature displays to simple number displays and to production or queuing systems, integrated as part of an overall system.

LED numeric displays are available in font sizes from 57mm to 600 mm, with a choice of colours and indoor or outdoor display brightness levels.

LED Clocks or temperature displays are ideal for bringing attention to your premises.  Optional GPS time synchronisation ensures precision accuracy, while a memory backup ensures settings are restored correctly in the event of a power failure.

In a production environment, LED numeric displays can be integrated with production / OEM applications via a simple ASCII protocol.  Displays can also be configured to act as an event timer or used as a stopwatch.  Custom programmed displays are easy to configure.

Displays can be easily programmed or adjusted via PC, infrared remote, close contact or a number of standard industrial instrumentation interfaces. Simple to use, Windows-based operating software is supplied free with all signs. Your purchase also includes a developers kit for easy integration.

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