Indoor and interior LED
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LED gives the highest impact display for text, messages or big screen images indoors. 

Built using state of the art components and materials, and driven by sophisticated software, Messagemaker indoor LED displays and interior LED sign solutions are more versatile than ever before.  Choose the level of technology to suit your requirements and your budget, from simple text displays to graphic panels and large format displays.

Slimline casings and reduced weight offer greater flexibility in mounting and reduced installation times, while the modular design of our indoor LED displays allows greater freedom in design and configuration, creating displays that merge with their surroundings. 

With LED, it’s easy to build any shape or size, perfect for meeting demanding design requirements or for integrators looking to incorporate displays into their own communications systems.

Competitively priced, our indoor LED displays are also reliable and long lasting, offering a cost-effective alternative to LCD and other display technologies.  For more information on indoor LED display solutions, please Contact Us or visit our Gallery for ideas.