Graphic and Full Matrix LED Displays
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A quote from our customer surveyMessagemaker graphic and full matrix LED displays offer a cost effective alternative to single-line displays where additional flexibility or display of multiple lines are required.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, graphic displays enable text and LED images to be combined in a single display.  A message can combine multiple lines of text, different sizes of text and images.

Combine large and small text for selective emphasis and to get your message across.  For maximum visual impact, include an image or your logo to create an attention grabbing display and to communicate key messages.

Our graphic LED displays and LED matrix displays are widely and successfully used across diverse applications, from retail environments to car parks and leisure venues.

Simple to use, Windows-based operating software is supplied free with all signs. Your purchase also includes a developers kit for easy integration.

To find out more about our graphic and full matrix LED displays please Contact Us view our Gallery for examples of how this technology could work for you or download our big screen LED catalogue.