Full colour Imposa LED displays
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A quote from our customer surveyImposa™ full colour LED displays deliver stunning, high impact images, indoors or out.   The Imposa™ system’s versatile LED display capabilities include text, images and video content.

From a small scale digital advertising or retail LED screen application right up to huge outdoor advertising LED screens, building wrap LED screens, sports arena LED screens or stage LED screens, Messagemaker can meet the requirement.

Our unique patented construction allows for a lighter weight, more robust, longer life LED display that’s easier to install and maintain.  We also have lightweight foldable and mesh screen systems.

With indoor pixel pitches from 4-32mm and outdoors from 8-200mm we have the full range covered.   Outdoor screen front modules are sealed and weatherproof to IP67.

Need a non standard layout?  Curved or unusual shapes are easy with our Imposa™ modules which typically have a much smaller and easier to work with tile system than comparable alternatives.

Display controls can include a web interface, automatic self diagnosis and fault finding, individual pixel tuning control.

To assist you in selecting your LED display, download our comprehensive Big Screen LED Buyers Guide here.


You may be interested to see our video of the largest LED digital advertising screen in the world! Situated in Foshan, China the display uses Imposa™ modules fitted with Nichia SMD LEDs. With an active display screen size of 980sq metres, the screen uses over 20 million LEDs and has a readability viewing distance of 6miles / 10km. Watch the video opposite to see for yourself the scale and impact of the latest LED technology!

Please contact us on 0800 170 7780 for more information on full colour LED displays or Get a Quote. 
You can also view examples of our work in our Gallery