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For theatres and cinemas, an eye-catching LED sign outside your theatre, cinema or other public venue is bound to attract attention. 

High-impact LED signs and screens are perfect for making an impact outside, especially at entrances, and for interior use. Their applications include an LED sign placed outside your premises to promote the next films to be shown and/or forthcoming plays and other events.  Equally they can entice people into your coffee shop for refreshment or to your foyer to purchase gifts, vouchers or similar.

An LED display or sign has great flexibility.  Those that we typically install outside cinemas and theatres have the ability to not only show moving wording but also full colour graphics.  Therefore, stills from films, scenes from plays and pictures of the actors can be displayed.


Read our case study to find out how the Radlett Centre entertainment venue is benefitting from a high impact, full colour outdoor LED advertising display – or watch the video opposite to see the LED display in action.

We have also recently completed an LED display installation for Worthing Theatre, watch our video here.

The sign can also be used to show photographs of your interior, your bar or coffee shop and other images to encourage customers inside. 

Once there, LED signs can also play a part in communicating information, directions and instructions.  They can also be used in the windows of your theatre, cinema or other entertainment venue.

We offer a range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of signs to be placed outside or inside theatres, cinemas, and other venues, from single and multi-line LED messaging displays to full-colour graphic panels.  The latter can incorporate video content as part of an intelligent LED display solution.

For more information on LED signs and display solutions developed for entertainment venues, including theatre signs and cinema signs, please contact us, via our enquiry form or by requesting a callback.  Alternatively, please download our full colour display catalogue.