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Advice Centre

Guides & Other Documents to Assist LED Display Selection

We have many years' experience in the LED sign and display sector - we were one of the first companies to market such systems and many of our staff have worked with these products for many years.

Keen to impart our expertise and experience to our existing and prospective customers, we're delighted to provide this Advice Centre. It provides various guides and other documents to help you with selecting and specifying an LED sign or display, including big screen formats.

Take a look at what we have available:

You may also find our gallery of images helpful. Many customers use these to find the type of sign they are looking for and then contact us for a quotation.

If you have any suggestions for other guides or helpful information you would like to see in our advice centre then please do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly, if we can quote for your LED requirements in 2015, then please complete our enquiry form, phone us on 0800 170 7780 or request a callback.