The Sign that Does it All!

11th September 2014

Our Do It All (DIA) displays provide the ultimate in flexibility when you want an electronic road sign or speed sign that is completely tailored to your needs.

Whether permanently sited or used as a mobile road sign, the versatile programmable matrix of the DIA sign means you can design your message and graphic to suit the speed zone, hazard or announcement.

Using the latest LED technology, our DIA options are EN12966-certified and cover almost any situation where you might need to warn or inform traffic:

  • Small format vehicle activated signs for speed display
  • Medium format vehicle activated signs for any speed or TSRGD warning pictogram
  • Large format VMS compliant Motorway road screens
  • Urban Traffic Variable Messaging boards

Displays can be supplied amber only, red and white or full colour. Vehicle activated versions of the DIA signs can be designed with:

  • Fixed overspeed modes with speed indicator and message
  • Graphic of your choice, with optional underspeed message.
  • True speed reading with optional message of your choice
  • Configurable with any text or graphic image in the LED matrix
  • Optional data collection for traffic speed analysis

All our signs are UK made with approved radar detectors, meet Highway Agency technical requirements and have automatic brightness control. With the software supplied you can have complete control of sign configuration at your fingertips.

Download our DIA leaflet for full specifications or visit our dedicated traffic website for our full range of LED traffic signs. To discuss anything in more detail please call us on 0800 177 7780.