Take a look at the world’s largest LED Digital Advertising screen

13th December 2012

Have a close look at the image below, and look down to ground level.  The tiny figure circled is a man, which shows the enormous scale of the screen. Here are a few key statistics:

– Active display screen size 23.42m x 41.86m (980sq metres)
– Pixel pitch 12mm True 
– Resolution 1952 x 3488 (that’s over 7 times more pixels than an HD 1280×720 screen)
– Number of LEDs – over 20 million
– Readability viewing distance 6 miles/ 10km
– Visibility viewing distance 12 miles/ 20km

The display uses Imposa™ modules (with the Cast Aluminium heat sink cooling system) and is fitted with Nichia LEDs. The screen is controlled from a system of four special HD content players along with sophisticated equipment to synchronise it all. Content will be client generated.

Largest LED screen in the world

While it is true that larger screens are in use, they are generally low resolution and not suitable for digital advertising. This display in China can theoretically be run at 6mm semi virtual pixel pitch giving an ‘on paper’ resolution of 3904 x 6976 pixels.

It is astonishing to see the capabilities of modern LED technology. While there may be limited opportunities for a screen of this size in the UK, the Imposa screens available from Messagemaker have an established track record at 1000sq metres.   

Contact us to hear more about how large screen LED technology can meet the most demanding of digital advertising requirements.

Largest digital advertising LED screen