Lightening the load – the new Imposa PlusTM LED colour display

3rd January 2012

The flexibility and reduced weight of the Imposa Plus system, which incorporates state of the art technology, enables large screen formats and even multiple curvature displays incorporating convex and concave screens to be assembled and installed quickly and easily. The extremely compact structure consists of a polycarbonate front mask and die-cast aluminium back plate. A key feature of the system design is the superior cooling achieved without the need for fans, which can add bulk. All heat generating components have a metal to metal heat sink to the large aluminium back panel, providing enhanced heat dissipation and eliminating hot spots, which prolongs the life of the display. This unique construction has enabled Messagemaker to deliver an overall reduction in system weight of up to 30%.

The Imposa Plus has been designed with ease of installation in mind.  Its modular construction, with simple cassette system, has been shown to speed up installation by up to a third compared to a conventional display system.  Field installation times and costs have also been shaved by using a unique hanging method developed by Messagemaker.  This involves mounting the fully-assembled display screen onto a pre-erected pole at site. Where extra large formats are required, Messagemaker can additionally pre-assemble the tiles into bigger sections which are delivered pre-wired, enabling final installation to be completed with just a few connections.

This simplicity of approach has not been achieved at the expense of design configurability.  The smooth finish of the thin, lightweight tiles makes it easy to build large screen formats of anywhere from two metres up to two hundred metres, as well as allowing streamlined curves or arcs to be incorporated within more complex designs, whilst ensuring complete accuracy and long-lasting brightness of display. The advanced design of the Imposa Plus system means that curves can be achieved without having to resort to folded or curved shapes, which could increase costs and reduce insulation effectiveness.

Designed for longevity the Imposa Plus system offers advanced water-resistance.  Individual tiles are completely sealed and certified to IP-67 standards, ensuring all-weather performance and reliability. Easy to maintain, the system has been designed to allow front or rear access for fast, safe tile replacement. High quality CREE or Nichia LEDs are used throughout.

The Imposa Plus system is the latest addition to Messagemaker’s comprehensive portfolio of advanced display systems, offering a range of solutions for indoor or outdoor use from Single colour LEDs in red, green, yellow, blue or white to full matrix Tri-Colour LED and full colour solutions.