LED Displays reach out to students

30th July 2013

The need to communicate with increasingly ‘tech-savvy’ students and visitors has seen schools and colleges alike turning to variable message LED display technology to help get their message across, observes LED specialist Messagemaker Displays.

From the purely functional to promotional communications, educational establishments are discovering the many uses of digital displays. An increase in volume manufacturing allied to new advances in technology has driven down the price of systems dramatically, bringing the technology within financial reach for the education market.

In the same way that smart technology is used to enhance the learning experience in the classroom, variable message digital signage is now being applied within the wider learning environment to inform and engage existing students and to reach out to prospective candidates and parents considering their next choices.

At the simplest level, scrolling message LED signs or ‘tickers’ are an effective means of keeping pupils and parents informed of daily news. Available as single- or multiple- line displays, the boards draw attention to vital information from ‘snow day’ closures to curriculum changes and safety announcements.

However, LED displays can deliver so much more.  Areas, whether indoors or out, where students and parents naturally congregate, for example entrance areas, receptions, canteens and designated collection zones, offer the ideal opportunity for to broadcast notable achievements such as OFSTED, exam and sports results to a ‘captive’ audience.

Equally important, the high visual impact of graphic digital displays creates a favourable first impression on arrival, projecting a forward-looking approach underpinned by a commitment to investing in and applying the latest technology.

Easy programmability means that messages are variable. They may be updated at any time and sequenced to retain interest by continually refreshing the information displayed.  Multiple displays can be linked together allowing important information to be conveyed rapidly with single source data entry, while uploading or changing video and graphics content is fast and simple.

Explains Harry Filer, MD of Messagemaker Displays: 

“Over the last few years as purchase costs have come down we have seen an increasing number of enquiries from educational establishments. Competitively priced, variable message digital displays offer the potential for schools and colleges to ‘stamp their brand’ on premises, as well as reaching out to students through engaging visual content”.

He adds:

“The availability of affordable full colour text options with the capability to run graphic and video content, combined with the clarity and long-lasting brilliance of digital displays makes them a versatile, cost-effective proposition.”

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