Introducing MD Vision – Our New Division for Total Big Screen Media Solutions

14th December 2015

MD Vision has been established to supply, install and maintain high quality LED screens. We are supported and backed by our well established media sales team who will help you achieve a rapid return on investment along with very healthy ongoing advertising revenues. The screens allow you to display your own messages and content too!

Unlike other outdoor organisations, we are happy to work with single location sites and offer the highest percentage share of advertising revenue in the industry.

Take a look at this article to see how Irvine Council is benefiting from a digital advertising screen, whilst our partnership with Chesterfield FC shows how it can work when you have a large audience gathering at events, sports, or other venues.

MD Vison has already installed big screens at Chesterfield FC and Aldershot FC (in September) with a Sky Bet 2 club to follow in the next two weeks.

The ROI (return on investment) for Chesterfield has been phenomenal through the sales of innovative sponsorship packages and sales ideas, which ensured clear profits for the club within six months of installation, as well as healthy forward income over the next three seasons.

MD Vision will help any similar football club or landlord understand how realistically achievable these revenues are prior to entering into a contract.

With over ten new outdoor screens scheduled to be installed across the UK over the next six months, landlords with premises in high visibility sites and areas are realising the significant returns they can generate whilst promoting their own businesses.