High Definition big LED screens at incredible resolutions

24th November 2014

High Definition big LED screens Check out the image in the picture of this high definition big LED screen.  It shows an incredible curved 1.7 x 6.1M high resolution to be used in Google offices as a big reception display.    I know the image looks mocked up – it isn’t, that’s a real image on a real screen.  The 1.7mm pitch delivers an overall resolution with around 3 x more pixels than HDTV.  It looks fantastic in the flesh and runs content from a 16 bit video scaler and controller.


There’s full image blending from about 3M viewing distance and there’s really no other way of getting a curved, low profile seamless screen of this brightness (up to 1500 cd / sq M).  There are over 1 million LED’s per square metre in the screen.


Yes,  technology has moved on yet again and this is part of a new generation of indoor high definition screens.  There are some challenges in producing screens – the fabrication has to be spot on to avoid mismatched pixels or visible ‘tile lines’.  The LED’s need to be driven and cooled very carefully to give a long reliable life.


Naturally there’s a price to pay. The term ‘Price on Application’ in any price list is a clear indicator that this is technology for the serious buyer or specifier wanting the very best quality image they can get!


LED has always been a great way of getting a high impact indoor big screen.  With the advantages of thin form factor, high brightness, flexible screen size and ratio – and even the ability to conform to shapes, curves or corners (within reason!).


The classic criticism of LED is the comparatively low resolution – the tradeoff for all those benefits.  But with the availability of pixel pitches like this 1.7mm that is becoming less of an issue and it can deliver stunning results.
Those of you with experience of buying screens will know that it’s not all as simple as that though.  You could find several makers offering ultra high resolution LED, down to 1mm pixel pitch.  But if you’re buying (and you’ll be spending a few quid) then you should check out in detail what is being offered.  In particular look for somebody with High Res screens working out in the field, talk to existing users and ask pointed questions about the LED specification used and the cooling features incorporated – which become really important at these resolutions.


‘Standard’ LED specifications for Indoor LED resolution have moved on considerably in the past few years.  I can remember clients being delighted with 10mm pitch LED not so many years ago.  Then it went to 6mm,  and now I guess a ‘standard’ would be 4mm.  But of course it all depends on your application, screen size, viewing distance and budget.


Projects like this don’t happen every day.  But if there’s a client or project sat in your inbox that could use this, talk to us.  We’ll be happy to help. Call 0800 170 7780 or visit .