Flying high: Messagemaker displays engage visitors at new European Parliamentarium

3rd December 2012

The dynamic bespoke displays created by Messagemaker form an integral part of an innovative, interactive exhibition which uses state of the art technology to guide visitors around the centre.

The new centre provides a virtual trip through the past, present and future development of parliament and the EU. Dynamic, interactive multimedia displays including two 360 degree surround sound displays guide visitors through the journey of European integration and the impact this has on our everyday lives.

Specialist Audio Visual company Electrosonic approached Messagemaker for its expertise in devising LED digital message displays for integration into three key areas within the exhibition. The systems supplier was familiar with Messagemaker’s work, having previously worked in collaboration on large-scale complex projects elsewhere in Europe.

For the centre, Messagemaker devised five 9m long, 120mm high ticker displays, which continuously relay quotes and statistics about the European Parliament in over 23 languages. Embedded in glass, these displays form part of the interactive tables located in the reception area and throughout the visitor centre.

One of the more complex requirements was the design of a perimeter display at ceiling level, which runs around the Map Room, an area displaying an electronic map which allows visitors to select different areas within Europe and access additional information via an interactive, movable pod. 

Designed especially for the Parliamentarium project, the display had to accommodate curved corners with a very tight radius, requiring precision engineering and careful on-site assembly. Referred to as ‘the sky of opinion’, the LED ticker display relays the results of Europe-wide opinion polls, painting a picture of the diverse values and opinions of Europe’s citizens.

At the heart of the exhibition area is the ‘charted sky’ – an impressive halo- shaped digital LED display which projects statistics about the EU.  Suspended on very fine wires, this 12m diameter, 320mm high curved display appears to float in free air.  

An impressive 40m in length, this spectacular feature uses Messagemaker’s Imposa Plus system. The advantage of the modular design and light weight construction of the Imposa Plus system is that it allows large shapes with complex curves and corners to be designed without added cost and mounted just about anywhere. State of the art technology delivers maximum indoor brightness.  Designed to stay cool without fans, the Imposa Plus also offers a completely noiseless solution, important in an environment where audio content is being relayed at the same time.

LED displays such as those developed by Messagemaker make a perfect partner as part of an integrated solution.  Linked by a simple interface which makes configuration and updating content fast and easy, the systems require very little power. Of the 120+ PC’s powering the display at the Brussels visitor centre, the Messagemaker displays use just two machines.

Commenting on the successful conclusion of the installations Rob Smith, Sales Manager Entertainment at Electrosonic, said:

“We invited Messagemaker to partner with us on the basis of their proven expertise in realizing unusual designs, working within the constraints of challenging spaces and shapes.  Equally important on a project of this scale was their ability to respond quickly and to provide technical backup and support.

”Ease of use and reliability are also extremely important to us as integrators.   The simplicity of Messagemaker’s interface enabled the LED messaging component to be linked in as part of the multimedia displays to provide a seamless result, while the reliability and robustness of the LED displays ensures continuous performance in a very busy environment without the need for constant attention.”

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