Brand New Indoor Banner Screen at the SMG Metro Radio Arena

25th February 2016

We created a bespoke package for them which allowed the arena to benefit by displaying dynamic content during the different events for a minimum upfront investment, whilst at the same time receiving a share of the advertising revenue from companies keen to promote to a captive audience at this prime site.

The brand new, high resolution, indoor rated 30 metre x 0.8 metres banner screen which went live at the end of last year, is sited across the middle tier gallery facing the stage, and allows for full colour video and animation.

The digital screen has a multitude of uses, including advertising businesses and brands to the audience before and after a show, promoting forthcoming events at the arena and as a dynamic scoreboard for sporting events.

Already several household name companies have booked advertising space during 2016, meaning the SMG Arena is now sharing the advertising revenues with us.