ARTSM Membership for Messagemaker Displays

5th September 2019

Messagemaker Displays with their parent company Stocksigns Ltd, are proud to announce their membership to the Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management (ARTSM)

“ARTSM is an informed and influential force in the field of Highways and Transport. The Association seeks to benefit Members through its representative role, aiming to influence technological developments and improve standards in traffic engineering and operations.”

The brand prides themselves on their 20 years of experience, however with this new membership will allow the team to even further develop their traffic industry knowledge.  The ARTSM community offers access to the best support, advice and legislation updates in the Traffic Industry.

Messagemaker Displays is committed to quality and this is just one part of how we maintain such high standards through our products and service.

ARTSM and MEssagemaker Displays