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Solar Powered Speed SignsSolar powered speed limit signs are not just a good choice if your sign needs to be installed in a remote area or you want minimum environmental impact. Solar speed signs:

  • Avoid the cost of installing mains cabling to the sign’s location
  • Can be installed without an electrician requiring sign off
  • Avoid permission to connect to mains and who should pay for electricity used
  • The sign is completely independent.

Generally, 230V is the preferred power source, however solar panels can help if a mains power supply is not available or convenient. The panels have reduced in price and have increased in efficiency, giving more output for the same size. This means smaller panels can be used to achieve the same output.

Battery technology is also improving with ‘deep cycling’ (providing a constant voltage over a longer time).

For areas that may not produce sufficient solar power, we can also add a wind generator to any of our LED road signs or speed warning signs.

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