LED traffic guidance systems and vehicle activated signs
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Messagemaker manufactures a wide range of standard traffic guidance systems and vehicle activated signs. We have a high profile and long track record in these markets and our LED signs offer a long-lasting, low-energy, virtually maintenance-free solution. 

To help deliver your road safety targets, we offer a full range of vehicle activated road signs including speed limit signs, speed camera signs, traffic information signs, road warning signs and school safety displays.

All our standard signs feature slimline LED technology with ultra-bright daylight viewable narrow angle multi-coloured LEDs. With pre-programmable activation speed limits, automatic brightness control, self-test function and lockable casing, the units are easy to programme and maintain.

The interactive displays have built-in radar that can be factory set to activate at a predetermined speed. The displays are designed to mount on and be powered from existing lamp posts; however for remote applications a solar option is available.

Click here to download our Car Park LED Displays leaflet.

For more information on Messagemaker traffic guidance systems, vehicle activated signs and bus displays, please contact us, or for examples of our work visit our gallery.


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