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Traffic information signs and traffic management signs using the latest high-efficiency LED technology allow Messagemaker to offer signs with longer life and easy serviceability.

Typically integrated into urban and suburban areas our traffic information road sign range allows for fast and easy communication on either specific routes, the general road network or to provide forward notice to the community of upcoming disruption events.

traffici nformation sign

The LED display allows any permutation of text and graphics to be combined in one attention-grabbing display as required. Our versatile information road sign format enables planners and engineers to design your own customised displays. The software supplied allows changes of sign configuration and the display of different images / text. All our standard traffic signs feature slim line LED technology with ultra-bright daylight viewable narrow angle, amber, amber & red or full colour LEDs.

Fitted with high impact screens and high contrast louvre protection, our traffic information signs are robust and reliable. Manufactured in the UK and designed with automatic brightness control, self-test function and lockable casing, the units are easy to programme and maintain.

Complying with Highways Agency technical specifications and available with standard or optional UTMC compliant communications, our traffic management signs offer optical performance to EN12966 and TR2516B.  In addition to our standard range of traffic signs, we offer a competitively priced custom design service to meet special requirements.

Read our case study on the insallation of traffic information signs for Nottingham City Council here.

Please contact us to find out more about our traffic information signs by completing our enquiry form or using our callback facility. Alternatively please download our literature on traffic information signs here.