Lost Time Accident Signs | Days Since Last Accident | Safety Scoreboards
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Lost Time Accident Signs and Safety Scoreboards

Days without Accident Board, Lost Time Scoreboards

Lost Time Accident Signs and other types of electronic safety scoreboards act as a permanent high visibility reminder to help to keep staff informed and motivated.

Messagemaker’s range of LED safety scoreboard displays can show a range of information including ‘Days Since Last Accident’, ‘Lost Time due to Accidents’ ‘Accident Free Days’ and other data such as targets or performance statistics.

In addition to simple statistics, our lost time accident boards can be configured to show a date/time, as well as displaying a fixed or flashing text message to provide general information or specific reminders.

For production line applications, including Andon and TAKT displays and signs, additional options include stop/start features and counters, for example to measure the rate of throughput, which can be triggered by a number of different industrial inputs, including PLCs.

All displays are easy to programme and use and can be updated automatically, using a PC or in some cases with infra-red controls. Display options include variable page timers and up to 16 different ‘text appear’ effects.

For more information on our Days without Accident signs, or other safety scoreboard signs, please drop us an enquiry, request a callback or phone 0800 170 7780.