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Retail LED messaging helps create a more personal and dynamic shopping experience, with bright and colourful digital displays that make communications more immediate and impactful.

Instantly updatable for a single store or across a range of locations, LED POS (Point Of Sale) or in-store POP (Point of Purchase) LED displays linked to special promotions act as a call to action to boost sales.

See LED display in action

Text-based or graphic window displays provide sales support 24/7, while Messagemaker’s intelligent LED displays also offer the potential to display graphic or video content for maximum visual impact. Take a look at the video opposite to see our LED display installation is working for JD Sports on Oxford Street, London. You can also read the full JD Sports case study.

For retail applications, the latest compact and lightweight LED solutions are ideal for wall mounting, integrating into retail displays or for standalone usage. The modular design of Messagemaker display systems makes it possible to create uninterrupted displays across corners and curves or create unusual shapes without added cost.  Custom retail projects are our speciality.

All our LED displays are networkable and can be updated using the PC software provided or integrated into your own system.  For more information on our retail LED display solutions please Contact Us, or for examples of our work visit our Gallery.