Outdoor LED display boards and signs are often brighter than other outdoor display message boards
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A quote from our customer survey

Outdoor LED display boards and signs are ideal for exterior applications. With excellent brightness and visibility compared to other screen-based options, LED displays are only solution for your outdoor message board needs.

Whether you are providing a public information service, want to promote a show or sports event, are looking for an alternative to poster advertising or simply need to get your brand / message across, Messagemaker can provide an outdoor LED solution to suit your requirements and budget.

We can provide a range of sizes for every application, from large video screens and full colour displays, down to single line displays for a more modest and economical way to communicate your message.

Outdoor LED display boards and signs are ideal for exterior applicationsEmitting pure light and up to twenty times brighter than other outdoor display alternatives, LED is the only variable message screen technology that can deliver readability for outdoor signs and displays in strong sunlight conditions.

Our outdoor LED display boards are suited to a variety of locations where you need to notify staff, customers or the public, from entertainment venues, sports events and retail applications, to transport, education and general public information.

Take a look at our case studies and news to see examples of how we have developed outdoor LED solutions for JD Sports, The Radlett Centre, Gala Bingo and Worthing Theatre.

With no moving parts to go wrong and offering over eleven years of continuous service, outdoor LED displays are more cost effective and reliable than alternative display technologies.


Reductions in weight achieved through the use of the latest technology and modular designs make it easy to create complex shapes and curves without additional cost and provide greater flexibility in positioning, particularly ideal for large screen advertising applications.

For more information on outdoor and exterior LED display solutions, please request a callback, complete our enquiry form, contact us or visit our gallery for examples and ideas.