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We offer a range of solutions suitable for commercial offices, whatever the application, including reception displays, sales target boards, call waiting systems and much more.

Text-based LED displays for office environments are also ideal for relaying important health and safety information and keeping staff informed about up to date industry specific news and events, where current knowledge is key. 

Starting from as little as £159, text displays are available in single line, bi-line or multi-line options and can be provided in single or multiple colourways with variable font heights from 10mm up to 100mm. Using the software provided, displays are easy to update or alternatively you can opt to use infra- red controls.

If you are looking for an impressive display to greet visitors or enhance your branding in key meeting areas, our intelligent displays offer full colour with the option of including graphics or video content.  Creating outstanding displays which merge seamlessly with their surroundings to include complex curves and angles is easy using Messagemaker’s modular LED systems.

Contact Us to find out how we can enhance the appearance of your office environment and improve workplace communications with LED digital displays. To view and purchase a range of economy text displays please visit our Online Shop.