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Messagemaker’s industrial LED and safety displays provide a permanent high visibility reminder to help increase awareness and reduce accidents, or to provide feedback on performance statistics, to keep staff informed and motivated. We offer a bespoke design and manufacture service to meet your site-specific requirements. 

LED displays can be configured to show simple statistics (e.g. number of days since last incident, percentage of rubbish recycled, performance against target etc) along with date/time, as well as displaying a fixed or flashing text message to provide general information or specific reminders. 

For production line applications, including Andon and TAKT displays and signs, additional options include stop/start features and counters, for example to measure the rate of throughput, which can be triggered by a number of different Industrial inputs, including PLCs.

All displays are easy to programme and use and can be updated automatically, using a PC or in some cases with infra-red controls. Display options include variable page timers and up to 16 different ‘text appear’ effects.

Read our case study about an LED display installation for CHEP, a major supplier of recyclable plastic containers, here.

Customise our LED signs with your company logos and branding, making them unique to you, creating a lasting impression on visitors and staff.  For more information on our industrial LED and safety displays, please Contact Us or for examples of our work visit our Gallery