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LED Displays from MessagemakerLED displays provide maximum impact for when you want to grab attention with a bright, visual message or graphic.

Our LED display panels can combine text and images in a single, powerful display. From retail applications, indoors or outdoors, right up to huge advertising LED display boards, Messagemaker can provide a robust solution that is easy to install and maintain.

For something more out-of-the ordinary, curved and unusual shapes are available to enhance the visual impact even further.

Full colour LED displays can show video with better colour resolution than any other type of screen technology. The pure light emitted by LED ensures improved legibility and contrast.

Indoors they can give substantially more impact than other screen based solutions. And at up to twenty times brighter, LEDs are the only display technology suitable for outdoor use at all light levels.

For more information on LED displays and LED display panels, please contact us, complete our enquiry form or request a callback.