LED Digital Advertising Displays for high impact
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A quote from our customer surveyDigital advertising displays present information in a dynamic, updateable format that captures the attention of passersby, indoors or outdoors.

Using our Imposa™ professional quality LED display modules, LED screens can be built to standard advertising display sizes or for custom layouts. Whether indoor advertising applications, retail shop window or full outdoor advertising, LED is the best big screen solution for impactful displays.

New technology gives incredible viewing angles of up to 160 degrees. LED really has come of age in this marketplace. Automatic self-diagnosis, system monitoring, individual pixel tuning and more are all available.

See LED display in action

Incorporating state of the art technology and modern materials, our intelligent digital advertising displays are both lightweight and compact, offering full colour and the capability to include video content for dazzling results.

Take a look at the video opposite to see our LED window display installation that is working 24/7 for JD Sports on Oxford Street, London. You can also read our full JD Sports case study.

Used in combination with conventional advertising, a single line LED advertising display screen can help boost awareness, and can also provide a cost-effective way to advertise special promotions or events alongside static images or brand-led poster advertising.

For more information on digital advertising displays or examples of our work in this area, please contact us or download our full colour display catalogue by clicking here.


You may also be interested to see our video of the largest LED digital advertising screen in the world!

Situated in Foshan, China the display uses Imposa™ modules fitted with Nichia SMD LEDs. With an active display screen size of 980sq metres, the screen uses over 20 million LEDs and has a readability viewing distance of 6miles / 10km.

Watch the video opposite to see for yourself the scale and impact of the latest LED technology!